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I'm trying to write a few sentences about what I believe friendship is. I really love Shakespeare's literature, and want to write the sentences like his.

Friendship sy ne expressed fram the mind, but the soul. It is se abounding consanguinity which one could ever sense.

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    Is there a shakespearean translator online?

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    I cannot understand what you wrote.

    Friendship sy ne expressed fram the mind, but the soul. It is se abounding consanguinity which one could ever sense.

    1. What are those bolded "words"?


    3. Please try writing it in plain, 21st century English.

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    Friendship is not expressed from the mind, but the heart. It is an abounding relation which one could ever sense.

    Do you know of any Shakespearean translator online?

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    Frienship is what one seeks for when they are forlorn.

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    The only translator I've seen for Shakespeare is this:
    At this site, side-by-side versions of Shakespeare's plays are provided: original on the left, modern English on the right.

    There is this, however, which may help you:

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    Friendship can break the inner you, form the newer you and turn you into someone whom you've never imagined to become. From arrogant, it can turn you to someone compassionate, and can change someone from generous to discourteous.

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    Thanks a ton for the sites Writeacher:)

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    You're very welcome.


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