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I need some one to look over this and tell me where my mistakes are please


I decided to return to school about two years ago my reasoning for returning back to school was I seen how many of my friends and family members were effected by not having an education.

I told myself I did not want to end up with struggles, having to work at low end jobs, worrying how I would pay my bills or support my family; those are scary thing to have to think about on a daily bases, I know regardless I will have to go through things like that but I just don’t want to have to worry as much.
When I first started I had so many emotions running through my body I did not know how to feel, I was scared, nerves, happy and so many more but I knew it was going to be the best thing I have ever done. I know when I finish my degree I will have a career and that is one of the things that motivates me, I plan to push myself to be strong and motivated and not to give up my dreams like most of the other woman in my family did.

I never believed returning to school could be something I had in my life plan, before I decided to return to school I had a drug problem that I needed to over come, my life was surrounded with the wrong people and bad choices it took me almost five years to realize that I was headed down the wrong path, until one day my cousin told me “this is not the holly I know you can do so much with your life I am giving you the chance to change it now”. That day I packed my things and went with him with out a fight it changed my life forever; I have been drug free for 5 years and four months I am very thankful for him opening my eyes. Since then I have done nothing but made positive choices in my life, and that’s how I made the decision to return to school.

I knew when I planed to return to school I would have to change something’s in my life to be able to pursue my goals, I just kept telling myself it would all be worth it at the end and that was ok with me. I know since I have started school there have been many changes in my life some for the good and some for the bad. I have recently had to take care of my ill father and that is a twenty four hour job, I worry that I won’t have time to do my work, I don’t care how late it is before I get to it as long as I get it done, I push myself to make sure school is a must. Know matter how much I have done that day or how tired I may be I always make sure my work is done. My life is full of challenges on a daily bases; my family always tells me I am pushing myself to hard, I believe If I don’t push myself how will I every complete any of the goals I set for myself?

I have a pretty big family; I have two sisters, two brothers, four nieces, and four nephews three of them are in school, I believe they look up to me they always say “NEWNEW you still have a lot of home work to do is it hard” I always respond “it is as hard as I make it” I make sure they know they can do any thing that they put their minds to nothing is impossible as long as you try. My one niece is an A-B student and I believe she tries so hard because she sees how hard I work. I believe I broke the chain I think I may have started something great in my family I believe I will not be the last women in my family to have a great education. I think that their will be many great success stories for years to come.

I plan to one day have a family of my own that can look up to me and see how hard I worked to become who I am today. I want my children to be able to say “MOM can you help me with my homework” and I will be able to say “yes”, I know when I was younger my mother and father did not have a great education so they was never able to help me when I asked, just me having to experience that I would never want my own children to have to go through those struggles. So that is another big part of my motivation. I want my children to be goal oriented; I want them to be able to look at me as a role model someone they can be proud of.

I plan to jump over any obstacle in my way to successfully complete my degree I have seen so many of my friends and family member let something so simple get in the way of their dreams. I would always hear the woman in my family say I will get back to school when my kids have left the nest and never see them return I don’t want to be just another statistic. I want to be able to say I made it even though there were so many things and people saying I never would finish, {LOOK AT ME NOW} I did it. I will over come these obstacles by just telling myself I can do this no matter how hard it get or how many people tell me I cant.

I know that I am strong and I have the will power to do this, I will keep tell myself that ever day. I hope to have the support of my family and friends, I have dreams that I know I can reach as long as I starch my arms as far as they will go. I BELIEVE THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. No one can know the potential, of a life that is committed to win; with courage - the challenge it faces, to achieve great success in the end! We must have vision to see our potential, and faith to believe that we can; then courage to act with conviction, to become what GOD meant us to be! So, possess the strength and the courage, to conquer whatever you choose; it’s the person who never gets started,
that is destined forever to lose!

  • ENG 121 English Composition I -

    Please see the response to your other post. SraJMcGin is looking it over and will respond when she can.

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