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Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you.

1) The king ruled over England from 1189 to 1199. During his absence/in his absence his younger brother became king. He was unpopular because he demanded high taxes.
2) The king was orced to sign a document, accordin to which he couldn't impose taxed without the approval of a Council of advisors.
3) This document was considered (as/to be a) a forerunner of modern institutions.
4) Under Henry's reign (in his reign, during his reign, are they all possible?
5) The Parliament was established with the purpose to (of creating is possible?) create a structure of control over the king's policy.
6) The model Parliament was introduced during Edward I's reign and consisted of representatives of the Barons and the Clergy.
7) Kennings are expressions easy to remember (no: to be remembered?)
8) The Anglo-Saxons believed in an old Germanic religion and therefore, Christianity retreated (?? I need a better word) into the western part of the country.

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    1 - All is fine until the 3rd sentence. You need to clarify who "he" is in each instance.

    2 - Check spelling of the 4th word, 9th word, 15th word; no capital on Council.

    3 - should be "considered to be a..."

    4 - Yes, all are possible.

    5 - should be "for the purpose of creating..."

    6 - OK

    7 - Kennings are expressions that are easy to remember.

    8 - comma after "religion" - rather than "retreated" try "moved" or even "was driven"

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