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how can i make writing spelling sentences more interesting and fun?

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    Try pairing the words on the list at random ... and then make up one sentence per pair, no matter how silly.

    In addition, for learning the actual spelling, the most successful technique my granddaughter has used since first grade is "pyramid spelling."


  • spelling 2nd grade -

    Try and put yourself in the sentence and make it about you. Make as silly and crazy as you want.

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    give me a senec with prehistoric

  • spelling 2nd grade -

    Tonya went to the store and bought a FOOTBALL.
    Tonya's sister loves to play OUTSIDE.
    No! I will give it to the best STUDENT.
    ect. ect.

  • spelling 2nd grade -

    Tonya went to the store and bought a FOOTBALL.
    Tonya's sister loves to play OUTSIDE.
    No! I will give it to the best STUDENT, Tonya said.

    ect. ect.

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    Adjectives. Describing Words will make it. Example:

    The FUNNY man went over to the NAUGHTY man.

    Funny and Naughty are adjectives in this sentence.

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    what is 2 grade sentence with fine

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