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Miss, give me that cake. In this sentence, is the subject "you" since it is imperative, or is the subject Miss. If you think of the sentence like this: (You) give me the cake, miss, it seems like it would be intransitive with an active verb. Is that right?

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    The subject is "you" (understood), yes.

    "Miss" is a noun of direct address.

    The verb is "give" -- and it has a direct object, "cake."
    Transitive? or intransitive?

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    transitive :)

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    Yes. The subject is the understood "you."

    "Give" is a transitive verb because it has a direct object, "cake." It also has an indirect object, "me."

    Intransitive verbs do not have objects.

    The base word of "transitive," is trans-, a Latin word meaning "across." A transitive verb carries the action across from the subject to the object.

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