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complete each sentaceby filling in a reflexive or intensive pronoun. In the blank write R if the pronoun you rote is reflective. Write I if it is intensive.

I,1. We built the whole model (ourselves).

R,2. I knew the dog had fleas because it was always scratching (itself).

R,3. She (herself) is the owner of the gas station.

I,4. You boys will have to ask (Yourselves) that question.

I,5. They (themselves) gave us the good news.

I,6. We (ourselves) found homes for the abandoned kittens.

R,7. I decided to try to score the winning goal (myself).

R,8. Without oxygen, life (itself) would not be possible.

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    All are correct.

    I'd put "themselves" at the end of the sentence (#5) if I had the choice.

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    All are correct

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