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Begin five sentences with the synonym of yellow.

1.Bumblebees collect nectar from flowers to create honey.

2.Daisies were Sally's favourite kinds of flowers as they always seemed to be happy and smiling.

3.Lemon was Andrew's favourtie gum flavour, as he likes sour.

4.Sunshine reflected upon Tarcy from the mirror.

5.Mustard was always applied to Davi's hotdogs, as that created yummy taste.

plese check if my senteces are good and neat.


    They look fine -- except maybe for "Daisies" -- the daisies I have seen are white with yellow centers.


    Oh thank you. sentence number 4 needs to be longer, atleast ten words? how do i do that?


    You could describe what Tarcy was wearing, her hair color, or ???

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