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Consider the region bounded by the parabola y=x^2 and the line y=16 .

(a) What is the volume of the solid generated when revolving this region about the line y=16 ?

  • calculus -

    first sketch it. then determine where the y=16 line intersects (-4,16)(4,16)

    Now, lets integrate from the parabola to the line


    area= INT (16-x^2)dx from x=-4 to 4

    area= [16x-1/3 x^3] over the limits

    area= 16*4-1/3 4^3 - 16(-4)+1/3 (-4)^3

    =2(16*4 - 1/3 4^3)

    and you can finish it.

    You could have recognized symettry, and just integrated from x=0 to 4, then doubled the area.

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