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Why I agree with students staying home from school during cold weather in Vietnam.

Imagine putting on wet clothes and facing a cold wind. This is what winter feels like in Hanoi, Vietnam. Who would want to sit through a long day at school in the cold? I certainly would not. The people in Northern Vietnam think likewise. There is a regulation in place to suspend classes for elementary school students once the temperature drops below 10 degrees celsius. For middle school pupils, the cutoff is 7 degrees. Sending children to school in cold weather causes much discomfort, sickness and frustration on the part of teachers and faculty. It is better to spare them the misery than keep the school open for the few students brave enough to go out in the elements.
In Northern Vietnam, where some people are still earning a few dollars per day, central heating remains part of a TV sitcom. People know what it is, but few people have access to it. To keep warm, children put on sevaral layers of clothing, drink warm tea or water and when at home, can sit by a fire or stove. At school, however, there are no stoves. Mothers are not around to pour tea or make a warm bowl of pho. Children must sit, without gloves, as the cold sets into their bones. Since many schools don't have windows, the children are exposed to rain and wind with little protection. With all of the unfavorable conditions, the children have to do everything they can to keep warm. Forget about memorising Vietnamese grammar rules.
Since many children in Vietnam are small for their age and extremely vulnerable if exposed to illnesses, parents feel it is better to protect them, even if they miss school. During the winter, when colds are aplenty and childrens' immune systems are weakened by the cold, parents and teachers must make an extra effort to keep children healthy.A healthy child in a developed country can get the flu, go to the doctor and take medicine. However, many families are too poor to take a sick child to a doctor and cannot afford medicine. A simple cold can be but a stepping stone in another country, in Vietnam, it can be a killer.
Lastly, few schools are willing to keep their doors open when the weather is cold for the small number of students able to attend classes. Some faculty have to travel many miles on a bicycle to arrive at school. When only five out of their fifty pupils are present, teachers feel that starting a new lesson would be a waste of time. Many students meander around, sing songs or play games. After all of this, those brave enough to attend class must make the long trip home.
So when the weather is cold, it is better for the children to remain at home where they can eat warm rice soup, avoid exposing themselves to the cold and, maybe, get some studying done. They can make the long trek to school during the summer months when the weather is warmer.

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