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I need help answering this, because I don't quite understand the question:

There was a wide range of influences that affected the art of the emerging modern Europe. Explain how five of these influences had an impact on the art of the Italian Renaissance.


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    "the art of the emerging modern Europe" <~~What does that mean? What years? Only in Italy?

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    Try some of the following links:


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    Does this answer it?

    **from my textbook**

    During the Italian Renaissance, artists and scholars developed an interest in the art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. This interest in the classics was called humanism. Humanists, the scholars who encouraged humanism, embraced the Greco-Roman belief that each individual has dignity and worth.

    Artists also really admired the lifelike appearance of classical works and yearned to capture the same quality in their own works. They turned to a study of nature and the surviving classical sculptures in an effort to make their artworks look more realistic.


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    See your later post.

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