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I am still trying to understand this question. I need to generate a list of helpful and unhelpful respones that I have personally experienced? What is it really asking, because I know I have expercience it but don't know how to word or give the answer correctly to the question being ask? Are they saying helpful mean the way you have helped someone and unhelpful is how you feel about nothing being done with the situation or problem.

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    Helpful and unhelpful responses to what? What is the original question? Or is there one? Are you supposed to be thinking of when people have answered questions or offered advice to you on any topic? If the latter, then surely you can think of some that were good advice and some that weren't.

    When my daughter was in high school, my mother kept telling me I should get my daughter into Job's Daughters or Rainbow Girls. I knew that my daughter was not a "joiner" so I ignored that advice. It was unhelpful (and unsolicited!).

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