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IS this agood essay A major theme in the book Of Mice And Men is the relationship between the two main characters, George and Lennie. the relationship between them is like a parent and a son, one character is taking care of an uneducated character. Yet Lennie looked out for George like an older brother would, is someone messed with George, Lennie would frighten them by his figure. Throughout the book one can see the bond that these men have through conflicts and events that have them in a dilemma. For example, in the beginning of the book there was a conflict with a young lady and Lennie. He liked the appearance of her dress and wanted to stroke the dress and see if it felt silky. With a good intention in Lennie’s head he went to touch it without permission. The lady had screamed and thought he was going to rape her. He ran to the hideaway spot and waited for George to arrive. When he did they left in the night never to return again or else Lennie would be in prison or hanged. George and Lennie are, in a way, soul mates because they go together like a pot and an oven. George learns to have more courage in himself toward the end when he knows what is best for Lennie. Lennie learns that the dream he had all these years will never happen.

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    What dream?

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    This is not an essay. It's simply a summary of the story.

    What was your assignment, exactly?

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    I got an A..and the Dream of having their own land and tending to the rabbits..

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