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Write each pronoun, and write whether it is a subject pronoun or and object pronoun.

1. Gwendolyn Brooks write poems; they are about everyday life.
They, Subject

2. Slang and the rhythms of jazz and the blues are important to her.
Her, Object

3. She was born in Topeka, Kansas, but grew up in Chicago.
She, Subject

4. The poet Langston Hughes gave her literary advice.
Her, object

5. Brooks always loved poetry;she wrote it from the age of seven.
She,subect, It, object

6. Brooks taught poetry to students; she was a role model for them.
She, subject, Them, object

7. In 1949 she wrote a poetry collection called Annie Allen.
She, subject

8. It made Brooks the first black poet to receive a Pulitzer Prize.
It, subject

9. I have read the book, and the poems fascinate me.
I, subject, Me, object

10. The combination of street talk and American verse will amuse you.
You, object

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    All correct. Nice job!

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    Write the pronoun you could use in place of each () word or words.

    1. (Sarah Orne Jewett) was an American writer of the 1800s. (she)

    2. The Atlantic Monthly first published (Jewett). (Her)

    3. This author wrote (the stories) at age nineteen. (it)

    4. (These stories) are about history and tradition. (they)

    5. (The Jewetts) lived amid Maine's many villages. (they)

    6. (Sarah's father) was a doctor with and interest in books and people. (he)

    7. Sarah studied (books and people) with her father. (them)

    8. (Young Sarah) Observed people's ways of life. (She)

    9. She described (the people) in her stories. (them)

    10. She wrote stories about (her experiences). (it)

    11. (Readers) learned about life in New England. (they)

    12. Bob wrote a research report on (Sarah Jewett). (her)

    13. ("A White Heron") is Sarah Jewett's best-known story. (it)

    14. (The heron) Catches a young girl's attention. (it)

    15. The young girl approaches (the nest). (it)

    16. The wild bird avoids (the young girl). (her)

    17. "A White Heron" appeals to (Robert). (him)

    18. (Our class) had difficulty with the story. (we)

    19. Luisa pointed out the theme to (our class). (us)

    20. Rosa said, "Let (Rosa) help you." (me)

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    All are correct except 3 and 10.

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    is 3 them and
    10 is it also them

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