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6th grade Ariththmetic/Math

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Janine is having seven friends over for breakfast. Of the eight people who will eating breakfast, six like orange juice bestm and two prefer grapefruit juice. Both kinds of juice cost $2.89 for a gallon, $2.09 for a quart, and $1.29 for a pint. How many of each size container of each type of juice should Janine buy? Explain, please.

  • 6th grade Ariththmetic/Math -

    how much does each drink?

    if 8 oz ea

    6 * 8 oz = 48 oz OJ
    2 * 8 oz = 16 oz GF

    so, 1 gal OJ for $2.89 and have left over
    or 1 gt and 1 pt = 48 oz for $3.38 more money, no extra

    1 pint GF for 1.29 with no extra

    this what you need?

  • 6th grade Ariththmetic/Math -

    Well... I actually estimated that each person gets 1 pint each. Sorry for not including that... :]

  • 6th grade Ariththmetic/Math -

    A pint is a lot of orange juice to drink at breakfast.

    I suggest you plan on 8 oz. as helper suggested.

  • 6th grade Ariththmetic/Math -

    Ah... I see... Thank you for the suggestion Ms. Sue.

  • 6th grade Ariththmetic/Math -

    You're welcome.

  • 6th grade Ariththmetic/Math -

    Ther are 25 Servings In A 12.5 Ounce Bottle Of Olive Oil. How Many Ounces Are In A Serving

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