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I was to write 2 paragraphs on how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions and underline the topic sentence of each one. I would like to know if my prargraphs are okay and if I chose the TS correctly. Since I don't know how to underline here the topic sentences I chose are the first sentence of esch one. If someone could please advise me I would greatly appreciate it!

There are two types of interest that an individual deals with, high and low. Both types of interest can affect a person’s purchasing decision by how they affect their disposable income. High interest rates that are earned through checking and savings accounts will increase a person’s disposable income. This in turn leaves that individual with more money to go out and spend on extra expenditures. However, high interest rates that are charged by loans or credit cards will decrease a person’s disposable income. This definition of high interest rate causes a person to pay more then what the item of purchase is worth and it will take a long time to pay off the interest rate and most likely will involve high monthly payment. Paying more for items will decrease the amount of disposable income and the individual will not have extra spending money.

Low interest rates also affect the disposable income in similar but opposite ways. If a person has a low interest rate earned through their checking or savings account they are not profiting well from their investment. This end result leaves the individual with less money to make on extra purchases. In contrast though, low interest rates on loans and credit cards allow purchases to be paid off quicker than they would be if charged a high interest rate. While the person is still paying more than the product is worth, they are not going to have to take as long to pay off the interest rates and may have a lower monthly payment. It is important for an individual to find the best possible rates so that they can profit from having high rates on savings and low rates on payments.

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    The two sentences at the beginning of the first paragraph are good, but are more introductory to BOTH paragraphs. For example, in the first sentence you refer to both high and low interest, but in that paragraph you discuss only high interest.

    The rest of both paragraphs is very good. All you need to do is revise the beginning of the first paragraph to complete your assignment.

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