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8th Grade Chemestry

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Helping my child study. Are there any online guides that can help me teach how to predict the products of a reaction.
i.e. _ Ag(NO3)+ _ CaCl2 yields

Really want to be able to teach my child how to do this rather than have the answer.

  • 8th Grade Chemestry -

    Does your child know what is a reaction? As in formation of a precipate, energy given off, ... Those should be listed in his text.

    Second, in this, if the reaction is on a solution, is possible products AgCl or Ca(NO3)2 a precipate? Take a good look at silver chloride, what is its solubility.

    I am wondering why you feel you need to "teach" your child chemistry. What is he doing in class. Take a look at his class notes. Something is wrong if the child cannot answer the basic questions I posed.

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