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Can you please check these sentences for me, please? I included the doubts in parentheses.

1)I live in a town, in southwestern (in south-west also possible) Piedmont, called Rodda. It’s about 250 metres above sea level.
2)I’ve lived there (or here?) since I was born and I love it .I like living there though my town isn’t a big city like Milan or Rome.
3) I would like to live in a big city because the atmosphere is both friendly and noisy. (can you also say: is friendlier and noisier?).
4) My favorite place is the gym where I meet my friends and I train with them. My village is small and I know all its people. There is a very nice church and another smaller chapel.
5)Though my village is so little (better small) I’m fond of it and I won’t leave it because it offers all the main facilities. It is near Turin but it is also in the countryside.
6)You can find the cathedral’s square, the cathedral, three cafés, a butcher’s and three hairdresser’s (?). You can also take the bus to Turin every hour. (There’s a bus leaving for Turin every hour).

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    Nice. All your alternatives are possible. The only changes needed involve these:

    hairdresser = singular
    hairdressers = plural
    hairdresser's = singular possessive (the hairdresser needs to OWN whatever the very next word/noun is)
    hairdressers' = plural possessive

    butcher = singular
    butchers = plural
    butcher's = singular possessive (the butcher needs to OWN whatever the very next word/noun is)
    butchers' = plural possessive

    Which will you choose for those two places in the last sentence?

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