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The average speed of a Nitrogen molecule in air is about 858 m/s, and its mass is about 4.68 × 10−26 kg.
If it takes 2.6 × 10−13 s for a nitrogen
molecule to hit a wall and rebound with
the same speed but in the opposite direc-
tion, what is the magnitude of the average
acceleration of the molecule during this time interval?

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    I have a problem with the statement. The molecule only rebounds from the wall if it were moving perpendicular to the wall in the first place. In a gas, this would be most unusual, most are moving in all directions, and "glance" off the wall. Neglecting that reality...

    change of velocity=2*original speed

    and the direction of the change in vleocity is outward from the wall.

    a= change speed/time

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