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I forgot to include these two last sentences. i hope you can have a look at them, too. Thank you.

1) In 1989 film director Stanley Kubrik offered him the part of Bill Harford in the film Eyes wide shut. What/which part did Kubrik offer him in the movie Eyes Wide Shut? Which/what part did he play?
Are "what" and "which" both possible?
2) In my town there is a market in the main street on Saturday morning. Though there is very little room (space?)left, I like waliking through the stalls full of any kind of things from clothes to bijouterie, umbrellas and bedclothes (sheets and blankets).
There is also a cattle and a food market.
3) They are held in other square, at a little distance from the main street.

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    1. Yes

    2. "on main street" (not "in the main street")
    "all kinds of things" (not "any kind...")
    "umbrellas and bed linens"

    3. "in other squares"

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    1. Which implies at least 2 choices.

    2. on the main treet.....waliking = walking

    3. in another square OR in the other square (if there are only 2)


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    1. "Which" is more appropriate when two or more alternatives are mentioned. Italicize or underline film titles. Also review your use of commas.


    2. Either is fine.

    3. Last sentence in 2 would be better with new paragraph, so the referent for "they" would be clearer. New paragraphs are used to indicate changes in topic, ideas, places, times or persons.

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