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What is the best way to revise this sentence?

Sometimes a purchase doesn't live up to all the things it's advertising says about it.

A. Sometimes a purchase doesn't live up to what it says.
B. Somestimes a purchase doesn't live up to it's advertising.

C. Sometimes a purchase does live up to all the things that it says.

D. Sometimes a purchase doesn't love up to all it's advertising about it?

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    #1 - None of the sentences are correct because the word should be "its" not "it's" -- the second of which is a contraction meaning "it is."

    #2 - Go through all of them and make sure every instance of "it" or "its" makes a clear reference to a noun earlier in the sentence. If it's not clear what "it" is referring to, then that sentence is incorrect.

    Please repost and let us know what you think.

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    yes they are "it" sorry I put "it's" by accident

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    A and C are not good because of the word "says." Does the purchase talk?

    So -- which is better? B or D?

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    I believe D

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    I disagree. B. says the same thing, but in fewer words. The words "about it" are redundant.

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    Oh isee what you mean!

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    Ms. Sue is right. D has wordiness and redundancy in it.

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