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English 1

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1. Many so-called Founding Fathers are famous one or two of (his, his or her, their) accomplishments, but anyone who knows (his, his or her, their) history knows that Franklin is known for many things, including (his, her, his or her, their) inventions.

their, his or her, their

2. The armonica is not one of his well known inventions, but (its, their) design is ingenious.


3. Also called the glass harmonica, the armonica required a person to place (himself, herself, himself or herself) in front of the instrument and to rotate (its, their) glass bowls.

himself or herself, their

4. The lighting rod and the Franklin stove established his reputation as an inventor, but (it, they) remained in public domain because Franklin refused to secure patents for his inventions.


5. An inventor like Franklin does not limit (his, her, his or her, their) imagination to one field of science.


6. (He, She, He or She, They) can instead pursue many questions and the challenges (they, it) pose.

They, it

7. All scientist who study electricity should know that Ben Franklin provided the names (he, she, he or she, they) still use today for positive and negative electrons.

he or she

8. Franklin also named the Gulf Stream and mapped (their, its) current.


9. Franklin formed the first public lending library in America, which allowed people to burrow (its, their) books and read them at (his, her, his or her, their) leisure.

their, their

10. His public service record also
includes the reform of the postal system and the establishment of The Academy and College of Philadelphia, which later merged (their, its) students with those of the State of Pennsylvania to become the University of Pennsylvania.


  • English 1 -

    1. look at the last "their"
    3. Look at the last answer again.
    4,5,6,7,8,9,10. check again

    Read the sentences carefully to see what the pronoun actually refers to.

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