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Thank you for all your improvements!Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much.
1) The English Renaissance covers (covered) the historical period from 1509, the year in which Henry VIII ascended the throne to 1660, which marked the beginning of the Restoration.
2) The universal order was conceived in the forms of a chain and a cosmic dance. The chain stretched from God to the lowest of inanimate objects. At the top there was God, followed by the angels and man (men). Man (this) had the unique function of linking together all elements of creation.
3) Elizabeth I encouraged the hopes of European princes trying to keep on good terms with them.
4) She laid the foundation(s) of England's Empire (the British Empire) chartering seven companies to colonise in the name of trade.
5) Use your own words instead of merely repeating what's in your book.
6) Its main feauture was the strong Protestant basis influenced by the Reformation under the reign of Henry VIII.
7) My mum suffers from (?) cervical arthrosis and finds it difficult to move her shoulders. She was diagnosed it last year and she's been having pains in her neck and shoulders since then (ever since?)

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    1. the year in which Henry VIII ascended the throne, to 1660, ...

    You could add a few more commas, but the tendency nowadays is to have fewer commas.


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