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Why am I getting error called that the renaming refractor cannot apply in this context when trying to change a name in the netbeans?
And how should I solve it?
Please tell me quickly. emergency I need to submit my project tomorrow

  • java refractor ? -

    I have no idea what you are talking about. What are netbeans? Do you grind them to make Java? What is being refracted?

  • java refractor -

    Maybe it is in your reference as Re-factoring. Spelling is important.

  • java refractor -

    Post the line(s) of code on which the error occurs.

    However, after reading over Netbeans refactoring, it appears that as a last resort you can refactor by hand. It's just renaming parts of your code for readability and reusability.

    By the way drwls, Netbeans is an IDE for the Java programming language.

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