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Physical Science 2

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The attraction or pull of a person's body toward the earth, by the earth is called weight. The reaction to this force is the: My answer is B

A. earth's surface pushing against the person's body
B. person's body pulling on the earth
C. person's body pushing against the earth's surface
D. moon pulling the person's body away from the earth

A 300 kg bear grasping a vertical tree slides down at constant velocity. The friction force between the tree and the bear is _____ n. my answer is C

A. 30
B. 300
C. 3000
D. 3000+

A very large truck and a tiny car traveling at the same speed collide head on. Which of the following statements is true? My answer is C

A. the large truck will experience the largest force of impact
B. the tiny car will experience the largest force of impact
C. the force on both the truck and the car will be the same
D. the truck will accelerate more than the tiny car as a result of the collision force.

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