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Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much.

1) Robotiv planes and search robots can be used in rescue situations such as after natural disasters.
2)Tney can be built and launched in 15 minutes. They are equipped with cameras and microphones, too.
3) They can scan entire areas and find out where survivors are. They can also provide information about road conditions and identify damage to buildings.
4) They are helpful in earthquakes since they can searh for victims in hidden places or places where people can't fit into.
5) They have been used for medical operations and surgeons believe that their work is more accurate than humans'.
6) They have proved to be very helpful with (?) (in case of) people with disabilities.
2) A new robot has been developed which is moved by thought.
3) The Robot Olympics takes place in Korea once a year. Children as young as six can build and program remote-controlled robot vehicles which can then compete with each other in games.
4) They fight each other until one robot wins.

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    All are correct.

    6) helpful with people . . . is better.

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