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The problem goes like this...
You are pushing a shopping cart at a constant speed. The handle makes an angle of 30.0 degrees with the horizontal and the friction in the cart has a coefficient of 0.400 to account for all the axles, etc. The mass of the cart is 45.0-kg and we are pushing it a distance of 35.0 meters along a level floor. Find the "normal" force and the work due to that force.

I know that the answers are 573 N and 0 J respectively but I don't know how to get these answers. Please help!

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    normal force: weight of the cart+downward component of pushing.


    friction= mu*fn

    you did not state the pushing force value.

    No work is done by the normal force, because the cart does not go in that direction.

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    Thanks, I got that far but the question was asked exactly as I wrote it. My teacher did not include a pushing force value. Can you think of any way to find the normal force without it?

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    Sure: Go to the market and get a crystal ball that can see inside your teacher's mind. The question is flawed.

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    Alright, but thanks anyway!

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