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Your three little brothers-John,Peter and James get the same gift for Christmas-an ice fishing pole. Your father is curious about how children learn and decides he will teach each of them using different means. With John, he gives him a verbal lecture. With peter, he demonstrates the technique and with James he makes him do everything by himself while he offesrs guidance and instructions. Two weeks later, the children go back to fish but john and peter are saying they were never taught, James on the other side, is pulling fish out of the water. What is the psychological phenomenon that has occured here. Why has james become sucha fisherman while his two brothers are struggling?

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    We learn by doing.

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    Thank you Ms.Sue. I do understand that, however I'm looking for the technical term. I thought it was spontaneous recovery but it doesn't seem to be a conditioned and uncoditioned response/stimuli.
    Can you please help me?

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    Try this site.

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    I'll look. Thank You.

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