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I am having a difficult time finding enough information on what specific offenses would preclude teacher candidates from receiving clearance to teach in oklahoma and the different tiers or classes for approval based on prior convictions that might exist in my state. Can you please point me in the right direction... I have been searching the internet for days and cannot find anything to help me with this assignment. Thank you in advance

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    This will not be on the internet.

    there are two questions here:
    1) getting the certificate from the state agency. You need to find out if a criminal background is checked, and if so, what offenses preclude issuing a certificate. YOu will have to call the state board of education.
    2) getting hired: the local school board does that, and any superintendent worth his salt does a cbc on a hiring, and check references. What they approve and disapprove will probably never be in writing, but my guess is convictions of moral turpitude or danger to students would preclude hiring. Ask your local school superintendent on this.

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    Thank you for your time. I will contact the appropriate people tomorrow to hopefully get some answers.

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