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A solid disk pulley of mass 2.00 kg and a radius of 30.0 cm is rotated by a block mass of 0.500 kg falling from rest, a distance of 4.00 m. What is the mass's acceleration and how much time elapses during its fall?

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    F=ma is needed in rotational form

    F*radius= I *angluar acceleration

    Now F=mg-ma where a is acceleration.

    (mg-ma)radius= I * a/r (angular acceleration is a/r)

    look up I for a solid disk, solve for a.

    Now, how much time:
    distance=1/2 a t^2 solve for t.

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    I had completed the problem correctly until when finding I for a solid disk I used 1/4 instead of 1/2. Thank you

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