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• If each gender has an advantage based on its brain pattern, how can social scientists say that these differences create a disadvantage for females? (Think about the highest paying and highest prestige career fields and what skills are necessary for achieving success in these careers.)

some information you may want to read:

Some psychology and sociology studies show that females are placed at an additional disadvantage due to other subtler physical or genetic differences. These social scientists' research indicates that males and females may process information differently, possibly based on slight variations in brain structures.
PET scans indicate that more males process information on one side of the brain at a time; females, on the other hand, more commonly process and coordinate information on both sides of the brain simultaneously. One result of this difference could result in males' having an easier time learning the abstract concepts, common in mechanical and scientific theory. Again, this does not mean that females cannot be mechanically inclined or abstract thinkers, only that more males may have these abilities. Likewise, the same brain-processing phenomenon may explain why some females master language skills more easily at an earlier age and learn more intuitively. Their brains coordinate sensory (what the brain receives) and semantic (what the input means) automatically.

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    It looks as though the paragraph answers the question.

    What help do you need?

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    You state the physiological differences well. However, much of the gender variations are valued differently by various cultures.

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