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    sorry i hit the sumit button.

    1- a child practices tossing a ball into a hoop from the same distance each day. what type of knowledge is he using?


    at the sensorimotor level of cognitive development, a child

    a.can move her arms,legs,and haed, but cant move the body over distance.

    b.can achieve short burts of speed and strength but cant sustain them.

    c.depends mostly on visual cues from adults for information about the environment.

    d.learns through movement by interacting with the environmwnt.

    3- one reason early childhoodeducation centers have become increasingly important providers of health education is that

    a.schools are more sanitary than 70% of home environments.

    b.younger, healthier teachers and classroom aides have emerged.

    c.physical education programs in nationwide elementary,middle and high schools have declined.

    d. working parents are spending less time at home with their children.

    4- when a child demonstrates a inability to leap over a barrier, his teacher checks to see if he has mastered the skills of jumping down from a height and jumping for distance.. in doing this, the teacher is

    a. applying a developmental perspective.

    b. measuring the child confidence level.

    c. having a negative effect on the childs's self esteem.

    d. sequencing motor change.

    my answers

  • child care -

    1. I think you need to look up each of those term:

    2. I agree, but you should make sure you are clear on the meaning of "sensorimotor." Look it up to be sure.

    3. I agree.

    4. A or D, I'm not sure. You should check your text for this one.

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