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The Word feature that stores frequently used words and the current date so they can
be easily inserted into a document is
A. AutoComplete. C. AutoShapes.
B. AutoText. D. AutoFormat.
12. When pointed over text within a paragraph, the cursor takes the shape of a/an
A. I-beam. C. left-pointing arrow.
B. four-headed arrow. D. right-pointing arrow.
13. Which one of the following terms describes a collection of formats such as underlining,
italics, spacing, and indents?
A. Fonts C. Style
B. Print Layout D. Print Preview
14. Which one of the following menu commands would you select to make a copy of an
open file and rename it?
A. Save As C. Versions
B. Copy D. Replace
15. To reveal paragraph markers, such as spaces, hard returns, and tabs in your
document, you should
A. click the General tab.
B. click the Page Layout tab.
C. right-click anywhere in the task bar and click the symbol that looks like a
backwards P.
D. toggle the Show/Hide button (which looks like a backwards P).
16. In Word, a green wavy underline indicates a/an
A. possible misspelled word. C. AutoCorrect suggestion.
B. possible grammatical error. D. hard page break.
17. If you want to reuse a header or footer with your formatted content, you should save it
as a
A. text block. C. shortcut.
B. custom block. D. building block.
18. Text or graphics on a Web page that, when clicked, allow you to move to another
location within the same document or to a Web site are called
A. hyperlinks. C. browsers.
B. Hypertext

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