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Here are some more sentences I need you to check.

1) Translate the following verbs then write the past simple and the past participle of each verb.
2) Write four questions each including a verb mentioned above.
3) Witches were suspected of casting spells on cattle and of preparing evil potions for the bridegroom.Over 90% of those accused of witchcraft were women.
4) People were often prejudiced against women because they represented the weaker sex and were thought to be associated with the devil.
5) Witches were recognized by the marks on their skin which were thought to be caused by their feeding cats, toads or birds with their own blood.

  • English -

    1. simple past (not past simple)

    2 - OK

    3. space after period

    4. "represented"?? or they were considered ??

    5. omit "their" (the first one)

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