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Can you please chech the following sentences for me? Thank you very much.

1)During the Middle Ages witchcraft was regarded as an offence against the State. Henry VIII imposed the death sentence for witchcraft. (Rephrase: Henry VIII had witches sentenced to death?)
2) Mary I distinguished between minor and major forms of witchcraft which may include the use of magic. Finally, James I brought together all earlier laws. As a whole witchcraft was considered a form of conspiracy against the crown because it involved secrecy.
3) People grew (?) interested in witchcraft (recurred to magic) to face uncertainty in everyday life and inprove their condition.
4) Witches were suspected of casting spells on cattle and of preparing evil potions for the bridegroom.Over 90% of those accused of witchcraft were women.
5) People were often prejudiced against women because they represented the weaker sex and were thought to be associated with the devil.
6) Witches were recognized by the marks on their skin which were thought to be caused by their feeding cats, toads or birds with their own blood.
7)Women accused of witchcraft were then tortured through lack of sleep (rephrase; by depriving them of sleep), long questioning and swimming tests.
7)In particular, the accused witch was submerged in water and if she rose to the surface she was considered guilty.
8) The sentence could be burning (?) at the stake or hanging. (She could be either burned to the stake or hanged?)
They embodied evil and witnessed (?) a revival of interest in magic.
9) The last execution for witchcraft took place in England in 1682. After that there was a change in attitude towards the secular.

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    Too long.

    Go through these and read them aloud. Then re-post with the 5 (maximum) you actually need help with.

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    with my irl

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