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My group member and i changed some lyrics with this christmas song so it relates to something about gov.

Congress, You better watch out,
You better not cry, You bettre not pout,
We're telling you why
The veto is coming to town

He's reviewing your bill
and checking it twice
Gonna findoutif he likes it or nbot
the veto is coming to town

He sees right through your pork
he know's if you are a dork
he know what he doesn't want
So make it good for goodness sake

O!COngress, you better watch out
you better not cry, You better not pout
We're telling you why
The veto is coming to town...

We feel "the veto" doesnt fit and some other parts if anyone can suggest anything it would eb great help ^-^

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    If you remove "The" in front of "veto" then the rhythm changes and it sounds better.

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