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What ideas can you propose for the future of processor design? What do you think the limit of clock speed for a processor will be? How could a CPU communicate more quickly with memory? What could future cache designs look like?

I've been looking in Google search, Google Scholar, Bing etc, and I've obtained information, I'm just confused on how to word it.

What I have so far:

Processor design will be smaller, faster and take less consumption because chips will have smaller nanometers, like 22, 15 11, 8 nanometers etc. As years go by the smaller they will get and the faster and more reliable they will be. It will be more memory and more and more cores being added.

The Ram could possibly have much more memory or maybe even infinite memory for having an unlimited amount of applications running at the same time, keeping the computer running at top speed. It would help the communication between the Ram and CPU by processing data much faster the the CPU resulting in an amazingly fast computer.

I only could answer the first and third part of the question and I'm not sure if I even answered it correctly.

Please help me.

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