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Can you please check these questions? Thank you very much.

1) Answer the following questions on literature.
2) Answer two of the following questions on the theme "fashion".
3)The Reformation derived (arouse?) from Henry VIII's quarrel with the Pope.
4)As a matter of fact, he had been married by special dispensation to Catherine of Aragon, his brother's widow.
5)He wanted the Pope to declare his marriage to her void. She had failed to bear him a child and he wanted to divorce her in order to marry Anne Boleyn, a lady-in-waiting.
6)The Pope refused and he broke with Rome declaring himslef Supreme Head the English Church.
7)Mary I was a devout Catholic. She had 300 Protestants executed which earned her the name of Bloody Mary.
Did Anne Boleyn give (bear?) Henry VIII any children?

  • English -

    3 - arose (delete the other two verbs!!)

    5 - That's not entirely correct. She bore several children, but only Mary lived to adulthood, and in fact she did become queen after her father's and brother's deaths. So how would you rephrase that sentence?

    6 - Clarify who "he" is. Add the word "of" after "Head."

    Is that last one a real question? Read here:

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