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I have to write a paper about how Through The Looking Glass is a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. How are they different and how is it a sequel to it? I read the books but I don't know where to start

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    You start by going back through the books and making two lists. One list is the similarities; the other is the differences.

    Choose at least three similarities and three differences.

    Then write the body of your paper, plus a good thesis statement. Make sure the body of your paper supports your thesis.

    Then -- and only then -- write the introduction, ending it with your thesis.

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    I'd start by reading up on the author's life:
    If you find out why he wrote in the style he did and what was going on in the world around him, you may find some interesting things to write about.

    Also, you should read some critical essays about each of the works:
    (including the references and external links at the bottom of the webpage)

    Let us know what you discover.

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