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I need to do a poster that's for teen suffrage and I wanted to use this:
h t t p : / / c d n . w n . c o m / p h / i m g / 3 0 / c a / e f 1 c 4 8 d 1 3 2 f d 1 c 1 6 0 5 b b 9 3 d 2 5 2 7 8 - g r a n d e . j p g

or something like this. Would this be a good poster? I also need to do a 'commercial'

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    sorry, that website says "not found" by my browser so I can't see it.

    However, you may get ideas from some of the links in this search:


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    did you get rid of the spaces? I only put them because the website wouldnt let me put it on.
    It's a picture of a girl clinging to a gate nd she looks sad

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