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Diagram the simple subject and the simple predicate of each sentence.

1.Where do people use machines? people/use

2. Machines exist in homes, office buildings, and hospitals. Machines/exist

3. What amazing things machines can do! Machines/can do

4. Listen

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    2 and 3 are correct.

    There's an auxiliary (helping) verb in #1. do you see it?

    For #4, if that's all there is to the sentence, then the subject is "the understood 'you'" --

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    4. Listen to the radio. You/listen

    5. Some machines perform several tasks. Machines/perform

    6. Do you use a computer? you/use

    7. Try this program. You/try

    8. What a fast printer you have! You/have

    9. How long does it take. it/take

    10. This printer works beutifully. printer/works

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    for #1 is it people/do use

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    Yes, now you have #1 correctly done.

    For #s 4 and 7, put the word "you" in parentheses. For example, (you)/listen

    Re-think #s 6 and 9 in light of #1.

    The rest are fine.

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