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Hello. I need some grammar and lexical help.
1)Is it possible to use the infinitive with "purpose/goal/objective/aim": "the initiative has a purpose/goal to improve the situation"
2)is it possible to say "the visit intends to demonstrate..." (or is "intend" used about people?)
3)is it possible to say "questionable/questioned territory" about disputed territories
4)which is correct,will or would, in the sentence: they belive the countries will/would hardly sign an agreement.
5)are "remain" and "stay" synonyms in the phrase "they remain / stay unshakeable in their position"
6)is it natural to say: "the remarks started criticism"

And one more question please: are such words as "however, nevertheless, though" separated by commas or does it depend on their position in the sentence?
Thank you very, very much for all your help.

  1. Writeacher

    #1 would be better phrased like this:
    The purpose of the initiative is to improve ...

    #2 - intend is used for people, yes. You could write this: The purpose of the visit is to demonstrate ...

    #3 - It would be better to refer to questionable boundaries or boundaries in dispute.

    #4 - Read these:
    Since you have a simple present (believe) for your main verb, what should you have following it?

    #5 - Yes, they are synonyms for each other.

    #6 - I don't know how remarks can start anything. To me, "start" is more of a human activity. You could say, "The remarks resulted in criticism..."

    However, nevertheless, though -- it depends on how they are used. Most of the time (but not always), they should be used in a compound sentence with a semicolon before them and a comma after. They are called conjunctive adverbs (and "though" can also be a subordinating conjunction):
    Scroll down to the chart. If you give me your whole sentence I can help you better with these.

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