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Another question regarding works cited in MLA style.
I would like to put 2 photos in my work
How do I do that? I cannot find anywhere how to put photos in MLA style.
Thank you

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    Hold on while I look things up.

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    Photos are referred to as figures. (Charts and tables are slightly different.) Read all in the following linked webpages carefully and follow all directions.



    Repost if you still have questions.

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    What confuses me is where do I put the source page? Do I have to create a new works cited page just for images?

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    I'll check your answer first ;)

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    Ok so I have done the following:
    I inserted see fig.1 after the sentence which talks about the photo
    Then I inserted the photo and wrote underneath:
    Figure 1.
    A pile of Bison skulls from the mid-1870s
    Burton Historical Collection/Detroit Public Library
    Should I put the source in my works cited list or something else?

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    Let me know if one or the other of those linked webpages doesn't answer all your questions.

    (And no, you don't need a separate works cited page for figures.)

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    I would put the text which refers to the figure AFTER the figure itself.

    Be sure to read and follow ALL instructions, 1 - 4, in the ehow.com article -- and the information under Tips & Warnings.

    Let me know what you decide to do.

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