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I need SUPER help! A famer has to buy 100 animals, but can only spend exactly $5.00. He has to buy at least on of each animal a chcken for 0.01$, a cow for 0.10$ and a horse for 0.50$!!!! PLease HElp IT means so much I need it by Midnight tonight or else i don't pass my clas :(

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    number of chicken --- x
    number of cows ---- y
    number of horses ---- 100-x-y

    .01x + .10y + .50(100-x-y) = 5
    times 100
    x + 10y + 50(100-x-y) = 500
    x+10y+5000-50x-50y = 500
    -49x-40y = -4500
    49x + 40y = 4500

    We need only integer solutions here,
    after a few trial and errors I got
    x = 60
    y = 39

    so 60 chickens --- .60
    39 cows and -----3.90
    1 horse ---------0.50 for a total of $5.00

    Is this from an 1850 textbook?

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    yes my teacher assigned it to my seventh grade class, thank you so much for your time!! =)

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