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This might sound stupid but I really need help. I think I know how to do it yet I am not sure if I am right or wrong so please direct me.

My teacher asked me to Word format my paper, so I opened the microsoft word, then clicked on View and checked off the Ruler. So is my paper word formatted?

Thank u and ur help is appreciated!

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    Whether you can see the ruler or not has nothing to do with formatting in Word. You can tell what your pages will look like if you go to Print Preview (either from the File menu or from the icon on the toolbar).

    What your teacher wants is standard formatting, probably 1" margins all around, etc. -- and saved in Word format -- that is, the file has .doc as its extension. She undoubtedly wants this so that her computer will be able to see and read it with all the margins and other formatting items you used.

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