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When a 55 N stone is attached to a spring
scale and is submerged in water, the spring scale reads 30 N.
What is the density of the stone?
Answer in units of kg/m3.

  • Physics -

    apparent weight= 55N-densitywater*g*volumestone


    solve for volume stone
    volumestone= 25/(densitywater*g)

    density of STone= massstone/volume

    = (55/g)/(25/densitywater*g)=55/25 *densitywater

  • Physics -

    A book is placed on a horizontal wooden plane that is undergoing simple
    harmonic motion with an amplitude of 1.0 m. The coefficient of friction
    between the book and the horizontal wooden plane is given by = 0.5.
    Determine the frequency of the horizontal wooden platform when the book
    is about to slip from the horizontal wooden plane.

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