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Can you pleae tell me which alternatives are possible? Thank you very much.

1, They believed a person (better: the individual) should be free from external rules.
2.The Romanics exalted the individual as the centre of life and art.This led to the view of society as an evil and to the cult of the outcast and the rebel.
3. Society is seen as an evil whereas the individual in his solitary state is exalted. The theoretician of this view was J. Rousseau.
4. The preface to the second edition of Lyrical Ballad was published in 1800. Here (better: there?) he described the main features of English romantic poetry. One of the main themes (better: feature) regards the task of the poet.
5. His task was to (consisted in teaching also possible?) common people how to improve their moral being and understand their feelings.
6. The novel is rich in symbolism especially about (better concerning) black and white. The traditional meaning of these colours is reversed (not subverted?).
7. Dark is no longer associated with (linked to, seen as also possible) evil but it becomes the color of the primitive and noble environment of the jungle and of its people.
8. White, instead, is associated with colonialism and therefore with violence and exploitation.

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    1. "person" is better

    3. comma after "evil" -- and I'd change "theoretician" to "author" (less stilted)

    4. The preface to the second edition of Lyrical Ballad was published in 1800, in which he described the main features of English romantic poetry. One of the main themes is the task of the poet.

    5. His goal was to teach everyday people ...

    6. "concerning" - yes
    "reversed" - yes ("subverted" has a negative undertone that's not quite right here)

    7. "associated with" - yes

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