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The following reaction is used to produce tungsten(VI)oxide: WS3(s) + O2(g) ¨ WO3(s) + SO2(g)
The WO3 is then heated and undergoes a decomposition reaction produce tungsten and oxygen gas. How many grams of tungsten could be produced if 39.27 grams of WS3 are used

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    You should first balance the equation given.

    WS3(s) + O2(g) -> WO3(s) + SO2(g)

    But you should see that one mole of WS3 must yield one mole of WO3.

    You also have the decomposition of WO3

    WO3 -> W + O2

    Again one mole of WO3 yields one mole of W metal.

    So calculate the number of moles of WS3 you are starting with from
    39.27/(molar mass of WS3)

    this is the same number of moles of W metal produced so mass produced

    39.27x(molar mass of W)/(molar mass of WS3)

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