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The fact that John F. Kennedy was Catholic:
A. was not an issue that he felt he needed to discuss.
B. was never considered an issue in the election of 1960.
C. was dealt with effectively by Kennedy

I think it may be C but not completely sure ?

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    You're right.

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    thanks I highly admire this speech!!!! RIP John F. Kennedy, today is the 47th anniversary of his death.

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    Yes, it is! I was teaching a high school sophomore class when we got the news. We had a few minutes of silence before we began discussing it.

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    that's very admirable of you!

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    I'm stuck on another question about Nixon ... it says
    Nixon's policy regarding Vietnam was:
    A. very popular
    B. becoming very unpopular, particularly among Senators.
    C. in step with most young voters.

    I think it's B because I'm almost 100% sure that the policy was unpopular among people.

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