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I forgot to include the followig sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too.
1) The crew is trapped for many days. Victor is confined to a desolate place when he is trying to carry out his experiment. Actually, he restricts (?) himself inside his laboratory.
2) At the end of the story Victor dies in the freezing and depressing location of the arctic. The monster also (?) is part of a desolate environment.
3)While the monster is learning the ways of humans, he is confined to a cottage, and is only able to leave it at night.
4)The story of Frankenstein also makes use of fear. The nature of this fear seems to reflect the specific historical moment characterised by increasing disillusionment with Enlightenment rationality and by the bloody revolutions in America and France.
5)Fear becomes an element in the novel when the monster murders William. If the monster is brutal enough to murder a child, then he is capable of doing anything.

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    2. Comma after "story" - Arctic - capitalize the A

    3. delete comma after "cottage"

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