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I wrote these 5 sentences for a assignment and would like some feeback on them as to what I may need to work on. 1.Our education plays (simple present tense) a major role in our future finances.
2.My financial planning class opened (simple past tense) my eyes to my unnecessary expenses.
3.Financial planning is (present tense) a class all students can benefit from.
4.I have (present perfect tense) discussed my finances with my advisor.
5.I plan (future) on earning more money with my college degree.

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    They're all right -- except # 5. The verb "plan" is in the present tense.

    You could say: "I will earn more money after I earn my college degree."

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    1. looks good

    2. looks good

    3. looks good; but are you supposed to use 5 different tenses during this assignment?

    4. the verb = have discussed (present perfect tense) ["discussed" is the main part of the verb; "have" is the auxiliary verb]

    5. Future tense is formed with "will" or "shall" or one of their negatives. How can you rewrite this to make it a true future?

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    Thanks for you help!!!

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